Top Tips for Hair Extension Care

Top Tips for Hair Extension Care

Top Tips for Hair Extension Care

  • Try to use hair products that are free from Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) which can dry out the hair.
  • Use dry shampoo on your hair extensions between washes. If you’re wearing your hair extensions every day, aim to wash your extensions once a week. Dry shampoo will quickly and conveniently freshens up your extensions.
  • Leave your extensions to air dry after washing – it’s fine to gently blow dry them on a low temperature, however you hair will look silkier and healthier if less heated styling appliances are used.
  • Try not to brush the hair when wet – hair is at its most vulnerable to breakage and damage when wet. When almost or full dry, use a wide tooth comb or Tangle Teezer to ease out any knots.
  • Use a hair masque/treatment every month or so to restore condition and moisture.
  • Try to limit styling with heated styling appliances. Hair is human product and condition will start to deteriorate over time. Think about styling the your extensions without using heat – letting hair dry in rollers over night produces amazing curls or plait extensions overnight or when wet to achieve tousled waves.
  • Use heat protective spray/hair serum/oil. These all help protect from heat and leaves hair uber glossy after styling. You may also wish to use a shine spray.

About heboutique

Hair Extension Boutique is a Dubai based company providing top quality hair extensions. We supply a wide range of the highest grade human hair, from clip in to weft hair. With exceptional quality products, all made from 100% genuine human hair, we give you the opportunity to create a unique and individual look, we stock all the latest beauty and hair trends you see on the red carpet, on TV and in your favourite magazines. We deal with the very best and only offer top brand hair extensions such as; American Dream BeautyWorks Halo Harland We source a wide range of high quality hair extensions from all over the world and ship them directly to your door. We are currently shipping to the residents of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Middle East Countries and United Kingdom. We focus all of our efforts on customer service to ensure your shopping experience with Hair Extension Boutique is hassle free.

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